Our Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

On Nov. 8, 2022, 70% of Rockport’s eligible voters cast ballots in national and state elections, demonstrating their belief in elections and our system of government.

However, understanding how local government should and does work is not the same as casting an occasional ballot. In Rockport, accountability of town government to the governed declined and reached a point where remediation is needed. Recently, a group of residents, some of whom are or were volunteers on Rockport town committees, boards, and commissions, witnessed a growing decrease in respect for the laws, transparency and follow-through, and timeliness of action by the Select Board on matters approved by Town Meeting or recommended by committees and boards.

A group, The Rockport Civic League (RCL), began to provide a positive approach to improve the local Rockport government. The method uses broad-based civic education for everyone on how local town government works and what is needed to improve how it serves all the citizens and voters of the town.

The Rockport Civic League is an approach to provide much-needed improved democracy in Rockport town government. Soon, the league will invite town residents, Select Board members, the town administrator, and chairpersons of town committees for dialogue at an open town forum as a way to begin the process of community civic education and engagement.
Please get in touch with the RCL at our website: RockportCivicLeague.org

Bill Tobin

Published in Gloucester Daily Times and Manchester Cricket

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