We are holding a series of conversation sessions with candidates for Select Board.

Future sessions are 4-5pm on April 25 and 4-6pm on May 2. Join us in the library or on Zoom.

Town Moderator Q&A Hybrid Meeting

On 7 September 2023 our new Town Moderator Brian Sullivan met with us to answer questions about town meetings.

Hot Topic: Long Beach Leases

Coastal Zone Management Flood Predictions

from the state agency’s updated flooding viewer

2030 – Click to enlarge.

2050 – Click to enlarge.

Decisions by the Board of Selectmen

Two hours after high tide on 13 January 2024, about ⅔ of Long Beach “cottages” still inaccessible by road. The predictions are coming true!

Our Meetings

We meet in person every week on a weekday afternoon with a connection via Zoom. To receive the details for our next meeting, Rockport residents can join our mailing list by sending us your name, address, and email in the form below. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

Favorite Quotes

“The great lesson of government is not only do you have to listen to people, but you have to take them seriously. You have to understand their advice.” 1

“Secrecy is a form of regulation. It is unlike public regulation in which government tells you [what you] have to do, secrecy is government regulation which tells you what you may know.” 2

1 Bob Woodward
2 Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan
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